Micromobility Roundup Nov 20

But do they replace car trips? A new report from Santa Monica’s scooter pilot reveals that almost half of all scooter rides do in fact replace trips otherwise taken by car. That’s a good look for sustainability!

Coming-out party: Chinese e-bike component manufacturer Bafang Electric IPOs on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, raising 168 million Euros with plans for investments in motor and controller manufacturing, lithium ion batteries, international marketing, and R&D.

Micromobility Roundup Nov 12

Tour de Paris: Paris sees a massive 54% jump in bike ridership in a single year thanks to a visionary mayor who vowed to “turn Paris into a global cycling capital” and bold bike plan, which included 200 additional miles of bike routes and a $780 million bike-share scheme.

Deliver us from auto: Lime rolls out “See You There” ad campaign in Los Angeles aiming at the city’s isolating and traffic-laden car-culture and encouraging Angelinos to explore new modes of mobility like scooters.

An EV That (Almost) Fits In Your Pocket

There’s a lot of hype over electric cars these days. But electric cars are still cars. They still take up the same amount of space, they’re still expensive, they still take a lot of energy to run, they’re still deadly, and they still cause enormous traffic and waste countless human hours.

Before dockless scooters were a thing, before micromobility was even a word, Sanjay Dastoor pulled out primary components of an electric vehicle from his pocket, Steve Jobs style…

Micromobility Roundup Nov 4

Micromobility Futurama: To truly change urban mobility, create livable cities, and live up to its climate action promises, micromobility must overcome its tiny demand syndrome and take a page from big auto’s enormous vision for massive new infrastructure.
Micromobility master plan: New York City Council passes legislation that calls for a whopping $1.7B investment in a mobility master plan lead by 250 new bile lanes and including 1M square feet of pedestrian space and 150 miles of bus lanes in an effort “to break” the city’s car culture.

Micromobility Roundup September 23

Give us guidance: NACTO, the North American committee that helps steer 81 cities and transit agencies, updates its micromobility guidelines, with recommendations such as flexible permits and street redesign for safer riding spaces, to help “fully realize the potential of shared micromobility.”

The better EV rebate: An important proposal from Paris’s regional transportation agency president would allocate residents up to €500, covering half the cost of the most efficient EV by far: an e-bike.

Micromobility Roundup September 16

Chinese bike sharing revitalization? Even as China’s initial bike sharing proved more tech-bubble than sustaining business, companies like Meituan, Didi and Alibaba are stepping into the game, crafting longer term strategies and learning from the initial irrational exuberance.

Micromobility’s macro abilities: A comprehensive new study shows a whopping 50% of US, UK and German downtown trips can be replaced by two wheels in every type of city, from sprawling Los Angeles to dense Manhattan.

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