Micromobility Roundup Nov 4

Micromobility Roundup Nov 4


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Micromobility Futurama: To truly change urban mobility, create livable cities, and live up to its climate action promises, micromobility must overcome its tiny demand syndrome and take a page from big auto’s enormous vision for massive new infrastructure.

Micromobility master plan: In an effort “to break” the city’s car culture, the New York City Council passed legislation that calls for a whopping $1.7 billion investment in a mobility master plan with 250 new bike lanes, 1 million square feet of pedestrian space and 150 miles of bus lanes.

Piloted micromobility: Two-wheeled Indian taxi service Rapido raises $55 million to scale operations from 13 to 100 cities in a single year, in a Series B led by Xiaomi founder’s VC firm.

Making it rain scooters: Canadian sustainable urban transport company LOOPShare inks a deal with R&B artist Ray J to purchase his Scoot-E-Bike brand for $34 million and plans for an international mobility venture with sit-down, stand-up and Vespa-style scooters where the artist will act as a key strategist.

Uber vs LA: After the LADOT threatened to cut Uber’s micromobility offerings because it repeatedly refused to comply with the city’s mobility data specification scooter and bike data sharing requirements, Uber is filing a lawsuit against the transportation agency. Is the ride-hailing giant really just concerned about its micromobility users’ privacy? We wonder.

Bike city’s bike provider: Famously bike-friendly Copenhagen selects Italian Vaimoo’s multi-vehicle platform as the city’s bike-sharing fleet.

Scooter intelligence: Sophisticated algorithms can help streamline micromobility operation challenges such as more efficient rebalancing and identifying areas of greater demand.

French press: France passes scooter misuse regulations such as minimum age restrictions, speed caps and sidewalk restrictions.

Micromobility business sustainability: Considering almost all transportation is subsidized and that scooters have delivered incredible car alternative adoption, cities should start rethinking micromobility caps, expand infrastructure, and even consider subsidies where it makes sense to help the financial viability of micromobility.

Huge numbers, both sweet and bitter: Lime continues putting up incredible scooter adoption numbers from Auckland with 2M trips in one year to Stockholm with 1M rides plus a clean mobility award, yet will reportedly lose $300 million this year.

Take a seat: Stand up scooters have been all the rage, but seated micromobility is making a comeback with seated scooters launching in Atlanta, JUMP bikes in Rome, and larger mopeds being deployed by Scoot with parent company Bird to follow.

Tidier streets: As scooter use skyrockets, some cities are beginning to get a handle on scooter clutter with LA utilizing corrals, geo-fencing, signage, 311 reporting and Austin deploying Swiftmile scooter parking and “gas stations.”

Promises delivered, auto deliverance: Lime survey reveals nearly 1/3 of scooter rides replaced car trips with nearly half of all rides serving as first/last mile solutions to public transit, saving 50,000 car trips in Brookline alone.

Zero to exit: Spanish scooter startup Koko provides a window into the turbulent and hyper-competitive scooter market, going from launch to exit in just 11 months.

Electric growth: A new study finds the e-bike market reaching nearly $15B in 2018 and set to grow at over 6% per year through 2024.

San Francisco: As San Francisco’s scooter cap is set to double with Lime, JUMP, and Spin as new operators, Skip is left out of the running but introduces pivot and begins offering weekly scooter rentals with its next generation S3 hardware, recharging, and theft protection.

Bike/scooter mashup: Offering innovative bike/scooter hardware, Wheels announces a $50 million round for U.S. and international expansion plus deployment of a proprietary helmet sharing system.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems: Micromobility operators continue raising prices seeking positive unit economics and profitability yet pricing their offerings similar to or even more expensive than public transit and even ride-sharing.

Scooters growing up, mopeds revving up: As Bird shows hints of upcoming Cruiser electric moped, Uber announces its own moped offering in Paris with 4000 units operated by Cityscoot both vying to capture longer trips via micromobility.

Flying high: This “magical” biking experience lifts riders up over 30 ft into a forest canopy created by the Belgian government to promote cycling and countryside exploration.



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