Micromobility Roundup September 16

Micromobility Roundup September 16


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Chinese bike sharing revitalization? Even as China’s initial bike sharing proved more tech-bubble than sustaining business, companies like Meituan, Didi and Alibaba are stepping into the game, crafting longer term strategies and learning from the initial irrational exuberance.

Micromobility’s macro abilities: A comprehensive new study shows a whopping 50% of US, UK and German downtown trips can be replaced by two wheels in every type of city, from sprawling Los Angeles to dense Manhattan.

Get there faster! While they are still illegal in the UK, two wheels could cut trips by an astounding 69% in the country’s most car-congested cities.

Too fast, too scootious: Insatiable latent micromobility demand seems global with Lime setting the record for passing the 1 million scooter ride mark in Berlin and TEIR mobility and VOI Technology each blowing past the 10 million ride mark.

E-bikes’ head-spinning numbers: The European e-bike adoption acceleration curve suggests e-bike sales could hit 30 million per year by 2030. Meanwhile, in North America, Rad Power Bikes aims to double annual sales $100 million after securing a private funding round, from transit-friendly Manhattan to auto-oriented Los Angeles.

Silver Riding’s Playbook: A new movie from veteran film maker follows the journey of a stay-at-home mom discovering a world of quite ordinary cargo bike families that found a way out of spending 18 years chauffeuring kids around in a car.



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