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Micromobility Roundup March 25

This ain’t our first rodeo: The turn of the century saw a rise in scooters, allowing freedom of movement for riders and sparking street usage issues for pedestrians. What’s old is new again.

Moped diet: Upcoming national weight restrictions for hugely popular electric mopeds in China increase sales due to expected higher costs while accelerating new battery technology adoption.

We Try Out A Scoot Scooter

We review a Scoot scooter in San Francisco!

This new model has airless tires that aren’t solid rubber, but have notches in them to provide additional ride comfort over solid rubber airless tires, without the pitfalls of air tires (constant need for air pumping and/or punctures).

They also have locks, making them semi-dockless. Great for fleet management (helps against vandalism) and great for users, allowing the flexibility of dockless while removing dock anxiety.

Micromobility Roundup February 11

How not to do bike-share: Grossly underestimated bike lifespans and nearly-free unlimited rides were just two of the causes for Chinese bike-share company’s failure. The story of Ofo’s demise.

Micromobility and so much more: Indonesia-based Go-Jek, a ridehailing platform for motor scooters, food, groceries, and even massages, raises $1 billion from Google, JD.com, and others.

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