“Cheating” Never Felt So Good! Peter Sagan vs. Grandma Joan

Yes it’s an ad. No Specialized didn’t pay us to feature them. Yes it’s brilliant.

“One hill climb in San Francisco to determine the fastest cyclist on the planet. In this corner, we have Peter Sagan: three-time World Champion, Paris-Roubaix winner, and all around badass. In the opposing corner, we have Grandma Joan: near-centenarian, two knee replacements, pacemaker…and a Specialized Turbo e-bike…”

The Astonishing Healing Powers Of The Bicycle And Human Spirit

“The people who hadn’t been talking in years had started talking again.

People suffering from dementia would lose their aggressions and actually lift the spirit at the nursing home upon returning from their bike rides.

And we heard that blind residence were explaining to the volunteers that to them cycling was all about smelling the flowers and hearing the birds and feeling the wind in your hair.”

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