Micromobility Roundup January 7

Micromobility Roundup January 7


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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100-fold improvement in mobility? We talk about the power of micro-mobility to deliver stunning 10-100x improvements in urban transportation (podcast).

Bike-share woes: Mired by cheap hardware, millions of discounted or free rides, overly aggressive expansion, car-only streets, and parking clutter, Chinese bike-share operators struggle or shudder.

Winter v scooter: Even as winter adds additional challenges, scooters’ usefulness proves indispensable.

Scoot strong: Segway-Ninebot finally announces a more durable scooter to help operators reduce scooter churn and boost unit economics.

Third time’s the charm for the Airbnb of micro-mobility? With new features similar to dockless bike-sharing, personal bike rental company Splinlister re-relaunches.

Built to cycle: The forgotten history of how paved roads, the most basic type of urban mobility infrastructure, were actually created for bicycles.

If Steve Jobs designed mobility infrastructure: How did Copenhagen created a city with 5 times more bikes than cars? By focusing on great user experience for cycling (video).

Saddle up, San Diego! As part of its Downtown Mobility Plan, the city has begun construction of two-way protected cycle tracks for bikes and scooters.

Urban mobility boon: While not a standalone solution to urban transportation, dockless scooter sharing has been a fresh, new, and surprisingly useful vehicle of change in the historically stagnant yet critically important area of urban mobility.

A wild ride: TechCrunch’s year-in-review chronicles a crazy year in scooter adoption, city regulation, and anticipated consolidation.

Cheers for underage scooting: India will legalize 16 year olds to ride full-sized electric scooters to help reign in underage driving and help accelerate electrified transportation.

It pays to cycle: After massive new bike infrastructure announcements, the Netherlands will make biking even more attractive by paying citizens to ride to work.

Scooter second thoughts: While his company has seen explosive growth thanks to scooter sharing, Segway-Ninebot VP expresses concerns over long-term viability of standalone scooter sharing.

The new Ofo? Even in the shadow of Ofo’s woes, rival Hellobike, with a presence in 300 Chinese cities, closes a whopping $500 Series D.

You get a bike, you get a bike! Nonprofit Bikes For Kids’ latest donation was an amazing Christmast gift to every 450 third-grader in this low-income school: a new bicycle.



Have A Go is the micromobility editor for CoMotion, a weekly roundup of all things mobility.
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