Micromobility Revolution Roundup November 5

Micromobility Revolution Roundup November 5


Back to the future: The Segway was supposed to revolutionize mobility. 20 years later, electric scooters, made by Segway, just might be the realization of inventor Dean Kamen’s mobility dream

Climate lies and fraud: $2tn group of big investors challenge 55 companies over “‘behind the scenes’ lobbying to undermine efforts to limit climate change while publicly backing carbon reduction” including BMW, BP, and ArcelorMittal.

Trapped in car dependency: The real cause of car-dependency: not individual choices nor is it the myth that cars as a superior mode of transportation, but car-centric streets and cities.

Suit’s on the other foot: With cities’ aggressive regulations, fines, and even bans,
Bird finally hits back with a suit against Beverly Hills for their scooter ban

Living the scooter life: Lime announces plans to go brick-and-mortar, opening up lifestyle storefronts.

Big boy scooters: Unu, German startup and maker of full sized scooters, raises $12M

Trees and bike lanes, green dream team: Combining trees and bike lanes makes for greener, safer, and more pleasant streets and cities.

Scooter to scooter cease-and-desist: Electric scooter manufacturer Xiaomi doesn’t want Lyft modifying its scooters or using its brand in marketing

Platform agnostic mobility: Transit raises $17.5M Series B to “build the Switzerland of mobility.” From subways to scooters…Transit is the open, neutral alternative to ‘walled garden’ transport apps.”



Transit: Our car-free future will be blocked by Comcast tactics

LA Times: How horses and e-bikes help William Shatner stay fit and creative at 87

ARPA Talk: Terenig Topjian, Have A Go founder on how a country can benefit immensely from micromobility

Climate Liability News: About time – New York Attorney General Files Suit Against Exxon for Climate Fraud

Lime: Parisians Took 1,000,000 Electric Scooter Rides In Just 120 Days

The Guardian: A road full of bottlenecks: Dutch cycle path is made of plastic waste

Nature: New study showing oceans warming much faster than anticipated

Next City: Washington, D.C. Issues Dockless Regs to Tame Burgeoning Industry

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Startup Onewheel embarks on expansion

Electrive: Last mile electric vehicles to become legal in Germany

NY Times: Best Way to Fight Climate Change? Put an Honest Price on Carbon

The Spinoff: If you think Lime scooters are a safety menace, wait till you hear about cars

BikeBiz: Cycle miles double in China thanks to dockless bike sharing

Ryan Croft: Beijing, the Cradle of Micromobility

NextCity: Pay Your Subway Fare with Recyclables

Bicycling: This City Will Award Free Beer to Bike Commuters



Have A Go is the micromobility editor for CoMotion, a weekly roundup of all things mobility.
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