Micromobility Revolution Roundup November 12

Micromobility Revolution Roundup November 12


Slow and steady wins the disruption: Christensen Institute publishes paper on true EV disruptors being not high-end Teslas, but low-speed, limited range electric vehicles, “hallmarks of disruption.”

E-bikes opposite of “cheating”: Research shows e-bikes still increases heart rates, dramatically increases frequency of riding, and great for overall health.

Urban speed demons…bikes? Smartphone data comparing 30,000 riders and drivers in 13 countries proves bikes are faster in urban settings than cars!

Big auto eyes small scooter: Looking to become a true mobility company, Ford buys Spin for $40 million, as other auto manufacturers like GM and Tesla flirt with the idea of electric micromobility.

20,000-strong French e-fleet: Paris launches the largest fleet of e-bikes to combat pollution and traffic.

Sour Limes: Lime slow to recall scooters that fail after repeated use.

Big little biking startup: Chinese bike sharing company Hellobike is behind only Mobike and Ofo, now operating in 300 cities with over 20 million rides per day.

Live long and prosper: William Shatner on how his e-bike helps him stay active and enjoy the outdoors at 87.



New Scientist: Banning cars in major cities would rapidly improve millions of lives

Quartz: Free public transit is gaining popularity in European cities

TechCrunch: Harley-Davidson bets its future on the LiveWire electric motorcycle

Electrek: Lyft hires former Apple/Tesla executive to build e-bikes and e-scooters for sharing programs

Mashable: Australia, you’d better be ready for e-scooters because Lime has landed

Yahoo! Finance: Electric bike startup partners with $20bn data giant to launch in London

StreetsBlog USA: Six Secrets From the Planner of Sevilla’s Lightning Bike Network

Evening Standard: Jeremy Vine: Rename BBC Drivetime show, cars have made us fat and angry

Motorbike Writer: Ural Motorcycles unveils first electric sidecar

Electrek: Ducati goes electric – and adds pedals – with new electric mountain bike

Electrek: Curtiss unveils two new insane electric motorcycle versions that go 0-60 mph in 2.1s

Mashable: Turn heads with this self-balancing scooter that boasts some serious wheels — Future Blink

ABC10: Making It in San Diego: Commuters turning to e-biking to cut costs

Inceptive Mind: Brina 2: The first Full HyperSmart carbon fiber e-bike


Have A Go is the micromobility editor for CoMotion, a weekly roundup of all things mobility.
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