Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 29

Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 29


Los Angeles a global mobility sleeping giant? How the car capital of the world might become a super-sustainable Detroit during its glorious heyday.

Sorry EVs, you’re only marginally better: The excellent exploration of why electric cars are not the climate answer we’re looking for.

Music to our ears: Early Spotify investor Northzone leads Series A in Berlin based scooter sharing company TIER.

Portland pilot results promising: Scooters are popular, are replacing car trips, and are even replacing some car ownership.

Boom in EVs…on two wheels: India sees over 100% growth in electric scooters while electric car sales decline.

“How can anyone detest these things?” The case for welcoming scooters to New York and other cities.

Threefold rise in cycling in town centre after car ban.

Scooter mashup: The first micromobility merger with Grin joining Ride.

City makeovers for the micromobility era: Roundabouts, overnight truck deliveries, micromobility parking, multiple lanes for micromobility, and a return to older urban design.

“New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age” A beautiful micromobility book for a nimbler, lighter, and brighter mobility future.

Scooters, cities, and regulation, oh my: The thorny and bumpy ride to scooter mass adoption. Can long term solutions be found?

Delivery drones are so 2017: Why super efficient electric cargo bikes might trump drones as the greenest, most cost-effective, and competitive vehicle of choice for deliveries.

Micro-mobility, macro-maps: a cartographic view of the impacts of dockless bikes and scooters in the United States.

Built Lime tough: Lime’s new Gen 3 scooter is purpose built for repeated, heavy-duty use.

Uber’s JUMP start: Uber’s foray into micromobility and pivot to a mobility platform begins with JUMP.



The Guardian Air pollution is the ‘new tobacco’, warns WHO head

Vox looking at why walkable cities are good for the economy.

Bloomberg showing how Amsterdam became a haven for cyclists.

Curbed: Making HALF of London’s history ciy center car-free!

The Guardian covering the impacts of Dunkirk’s free-transit experiment. The benefits are huge.

Streetsblog always asking the right questions, “what does it mean for bike advocacy when big business hires the advocates.”

CityLab’s compelling perspective “Vehicular terrorism in the age of Vision Zero.”

Wired deconstructing Lyft & Uber’s impact on congestion in San Francisco. It’s not black and white.

A humorous piece by Bon Appetit, “how to eat on public transport, you animal.”



Have A Go is the micromobility editor for CoMotion, a weekly roundup of all things mobility.
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