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How We Came To Build A Mobility Search/Discovery Engine

After months of development, we’re thrilled to announce Have A Go’s micromobility discovery engine!!

A Micro History:

We started Have A Go early last year…before dockless scooter sharing blew up.

It all started with a design challenge: getting rid of cars in large, sprawling, car-centric Los Angeles without relying on unproven new technology or massive new infrastructure spending with the aim of showing that if it can be done in LA, it could be done anywhere.

Micromobility Revolution Roundup November 5

Back to the future: The Segway was supposed to revolutionize mobility. 20 years later, electric scooters, made by Segway, just might be the realization of inventor Dean Kamen’s mobility dream

Climate lies and fraud: $2tn group of big investors challenge 55 companies over “‘behind the scenes’ lobbying to undermine efforts to limit climate change while publicly backing carbon reduction” including BMW, BP, and ArcelorMittal.

Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 29

Los Angeles a global mobility sleeping giant? How the car capital of the world might become a super-sustainable Detroit during its glorious heyday.

Sorry EVs, you’re only marginally better: The excellent exploration of why electric cars are not the climate answer we’re looking for.

Music to our ears: Early Spotify investor Northzone leads Series A in Berlin based scooter sharing company TIER…

Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 15

Electric micromobility’s massive global impact: Unlike newer, car dependent cites, much of the emerging world gets around on scooters and motorcycles. Their electrification will have massive impact on pollution and carbon emissions.

Designed to fly: From its corrosion resistant/eye-catching paint to an electric motor/batteries, how JUMP’s bike design put it on the map.

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