Micromobility Roundup June 24

Micromobility Roundup June 24


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Two become one: Didi Chuxing, China’s largest ride-rental company, merges its electric and human powered bike-sharing businesses aiming to become more cost competitive in the country’s large yet ultra-competitive bike-sharing market.

Dump that car: As e-bikes get better and smarter, they can become car replacements for many in urban areas, with the option of keeping up with traffic with electric assist or avoiding it altogether via side streets.

Bike infrastructure, doctor’s orders: Canadian doctors call on cities to build a complete bike network for improved safety and health and US can incubate innovation and massively scale micromobility if cities create the necessary infrastructure.

Multi-modal African mobility: Nigerian MAX.ng raises $7 million with Novastar Ventures and Yamaha and plans 10 city expansion, fleet diversification including watercrafts, three-wheeled taxis, and electric motorcycles/charging stations.

NY positively charged: New York is finally set to legalize electric bikes and scooters as Revel electric moped provider sees robust per-unit rides with no advertising just days after large expansion.

Put a Tile on it: Co-creator of the popular Tile launches a scooter with smartphone tracking, sharing, and security with additional services like maintenance and theft replacement as an optional subscription.



Fast Company Madison is the first city to go 100% electric for its bike share

TreeHugger British Columbia promotes active transportation (e-bikes! scooters! skateboards!), Vision Zero, $850 incentive for e-bikes

San Francisco Chronicle Open Forum: How SF is sabotaging its own bike-rental program

Pocket Lint Usain Bolt is bringing his micromobility rental company to the UK

Quartz A court has revealed the sorry state of a Chinese bike-sharing startup once worth $2 billion

DCList City Suspends Skip’s Scooter License After Warehouse Fire

Global Times Beijing regulates bike sharing to improve bike usage


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