Micro-Mobility Revolution Roundup August 13

Micro-Mobility Revolution Roundup August 13


The Micro-Mobility Manifesto: The world we’ve built is onerous and heavy. Let’s take a cue from our kids, try something new, and break free from the burden of cars. (Have A Go)

The revolution will be electrified micro-mobility and cities need to catch up. (Forbes)

David Sacks on This Week In Startups: disruptive new micro-mobility and betting big on Bird. (This Week In Startups)

The full LeBron James interview about the fundamental role of bicycles“If you had a bike, it was a way to kind of let go and be free.” (Wall Street Journal)

Not your daddy’s Harley: From scooters to small bikes, Harley-Davidson dramatically shifts towards micro-mobility. (Los Angeles Times)

The prospects of scooters in New York City: a huge market that’s tricky to navigate. (The Verge)

Lime expands it’s equity program to entire fleet nationwide. (Smart Cities Dive)

Ofo chief claims $10 billion not enough for its bike-sharing business. (South China Morning Post)

Big Bird: Micro-mobility quickly growing up, with two companies, Revel and Muving, eyeing well beyond 1st/last mile with Vespa-like electric scooters. (CityLab & The Atlantic)

Advocacy groups in D.C. call on officials to think bigger, much bigger, about micro-mobility. (Washington Post)

Early adopter woes that might change city design: Behind the scene of Seattle’s early foray into bikesharing. (Grist)


Have A Go is the Micro-Mobility editor for CoMotion, a weekly roundup of all things mobility.
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