Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 15

Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 15

Electric micromobility’s massive global impact: Unlike newer, car dependent cites, much of the emerging world gets around on scooters and motorcycles. Their electrification will have massive impact on pollution and carbon emissions.

Designed to fly: From its corrosion resistant/eye-catching paint to an electric motor/batteries, how JUMP’s bike design put it on the map.

Macro-micromobility: Arcimoto’s electric, three wheeled “fun utility vehicle” gets ready for production.

How Bird hatched: Bird founder’s Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit interview on the idea of scooters as mobility solutions, disrupting car-centric mobility, safety, working with cities, and how he saw the first and last mile problem firsthand growing up.

Micromobility to the climate rescue: After the IPCC report, why biking will be a crucial piece in averting climate breakdown

Flying South: Bird lands in Mexico City and Brazil as scooter companies continue intensive expansion schemes.

We were waiting for this to happen: Uber is now in the scooter game, with JUMP deploying in Santa Monica.

Electric Bikes for Barcelona: PBSC solutions is electrifying the Catalan city‘s shared Bicing with 1000 new bikes.

Mixed feelings: Spanish cities are grappling with the sudden arrival of shared scooters. A perspective from Madrid & Valencia.


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