Micromobility Roundup May 6

Micromobility Roundup May 6


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Licence to E-bike: Japanese auto-part supplier giant DENSO is leading a $20 million investment in Californian and Swiss-based Bond Mobility (previously Smide), which operates super-fast dockless electric bikes in Switzerland.

Invasion of the cycle-lane snatchers: A nationwide grassroots effort to highlight the need for protected bike lanes is using red Solo cups along bike routes to show just how frequently cars invade bike lanes.

From sea to shining sea: Non-profit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy announces an ambitious 4000 mile cross-country bike trail, allowing anyone to traverse the US from coast to coast on two wheels.

Arms wide open: With a long history of heavy traffic, pollution, urban noise, and productivity losses, Madrid views full-sized e-scooters as a vital form of sustainable and accessible urban mobility, working to make them easy to find and use.

Chasing profitability: After millions in investment, rapid expansion and adoption, scooter-sharing leader Bird aims to find a path to profitability via sturdier hardware, pricing and business model experimentation.



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