Micromobility Roundup September 3

Micromobility Roundup September 3


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Hotter than luxury cars? Electric cargo bikes outsell electric cars in global auto manufacturing powerhouse Germany thanks to their convenience, cargo capacity, ability to avoid traffic, and newfound status symbol.

Pizza’s 1st/last mile: The future of urban deliveries may lie in cargo bicycles and mini e-trucks which offer much faster, more cost effective, and dramatically greener alternatives, as Dominos and Rad Power Bikes lead the way with their delicious delivery partnership.

Docking the dockless: Spin to tame dockless scooters by introducing 40 new scooter docks and charging stations in Washington, DC, made by California SwiftMile.

Bygone ban: Bird, Lime, Bolt, Circ, and Tier try to help bring the UK into the 21st century as an archaic law from 1835 has thus-far made e-scooters illegal in the country despite increased citizen adoption.

Multimodal directions: Google announces the ability to combine mode options like bike and ride sharing with public transit in Google Maps across 30 different countries.

Featherweight footprint: Longest serving EPA chief and President Obama’s climate czar now helping Lime decrease its scooter footprint starting with battery recycling.

Hardware heats up: Micromobility hardware innovation accelerates with three impressive announcements: Hyundai’s car companion, a scooter that charges while on board, Rad Power Bikes ultra affordable e-bike utility vehicle, and Indian Blacksmith’s astonishing 75 mph/75 mile full sized-scooter

50% of population ignored: To increase bicycle adoption cities should take women’s riding experiences into consideration when designing for cycling.



Global News Wire Bike Sharing Market to surpass USD 10 Billion by 2025: Global Market Insights, Inc.

Bloomberg Executive Alumni of Biggest E-Scooter Firms Have a New Mission

SmartCitiesWorld Lime works with London cycling campaigners to promote e-bikes

The Sacramento Bee E-bikes were set for Sacramento suburbs this fall. Then came Trump tariffs, tech trouble

Greater Greater Washington Dockless scooters have had a rough ride in Richmond

Courier Journal Louisville gets 150 more e-scooters in Spin’s fleet launch

Montreal Gazette How do Montreal’s electric Bixis, Uber Jump and Lime e-scooters compare?

Montreal Gazette Josh Freed: An e-volution is upon us with e-bikes in Montreal

Nikkei Asian Review E-scooter sharing services help people get around in Thailand

Technically Baltimore Lime glides past the million mark for escooter rides in Baltimore

CBS Baltimore Lime Hits 1M Rides, Replacing 333,000K Car Trips In Baltimore

NY Times How to Travel Using an E-Bike or Scooter


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