Micromobility Roundup June 17

Micromobility Roundup June 17


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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China going long on scooters: Hellobike creates a scooter battery swapping join venture with with Alibaba’s Ant Financial and battery manufacturer CATL in a 1B yuan ($145M) deal.

Democratizing the bike lane: Vancouver shifts to AAA or “low stress” infrastructure which takes into account the user experience of bike lanes for all citizens, not just avid cyclists, a critical step for mass micromobility adoption and key part of its climate emergency response.

Death by a thousand regulations? California considering unprecedented, “unfair and burdensome” provisions that would open micromobility providers to frivolous lawsuits not applicable to any other industry

Fixing Indian urban mobility: Bounce and Yulu Bikes aim to transition to electric bikes and scooters as they seek to fix mobility and urban pollution in Indian cities.

Game of scooters: Bird acquires Scoot gaining access to San Francisco’s market currently blocked by provider permits and a provider with moped experience before the Cruiser hits the streets.

JUMP-starting hardware: JUMP/Uber announces new micromobility hardware; for bikes, swappable batteries (replaceable even by riders) making fleet maintenance easier and for scooters, robust and safer second generation units.

New scooter cities: Chicago begins its limited scooter pilot with 10 companies at 250 scooters each, Alphabet backed Lime prepares to deploy thousands of scooters in German cities, and Anywheel to grow its fleet 10x in Singapore.



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EchoLive Cycle campaign aiming to create Ballincollig ‘cycle bus’

StreetsBlog SF Don’t Leave Bike Share Customers Spinning

Electrek Falco patents liquid-cooled electric bicycle motor, opening possibilities

CTV News Montreal Montreal to add 26 km of bike lanes in next two years

CNN Lyft returns e-bikes to streets for first time since crashes

Engaget Lyft renames its Bay Area bike-sharing program Bay Wheels


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