Micromobility Roundup July 8

Micromobility Roundup July 8


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Taking the long view: European micromobility provider Dott to raise $34 million Series A and focus on slow but smart micromobility growth by working with cities, using longer lasting scooters and battery swapping, deploying e-bikes, and even offering rider insurance.

Turnkey micromobility: Best-selling Taiwanese moped manufacturer Gogoro known for their unique swappable battery system launches end-to-end vehicle-sharing platform.

Beyond cars: Seeking to stay relevant with millennials and capitalizing on the space efficiency and high road capacity of micromobility while trying to avoid the ever-growing threats of “traffic collapse,” Volkswagen Group begins promoting several micromobility vehicles, hedging their bets.

Wheels in the Middle East: Startup Bdood launches up 50 bicycle sharing stations in Iran in cooperation with government officials to promote a culture of cycling and reduce pollution/private automobile use.

Bike lane tall tales: As bike lanes continue being built, these 10 myths are perpetuated by dissenters. Separating micromobility infrastructure fact from fiction.

Microvisibility: Uber explores prominently highlight JUMP bikes and Lime scooters from within the Uber app in Atlanta and San Diego.

Stranger bikes: Popular Netflix show Stranger Things returns along with the characters’ funky rides giving bikes a cool factor they sorely need considering decreased cycling among American kids.

Cherry-red appeal: Popular women’s online media outlet Refinery29 covers JUMP’s eye catching, user friendly bikes and their potential to “reimagine your morning commute.”

Month-to-month: Bird monthly rental put through its paces, proving to be a great 1st/last mile value with some kinks.



Forbes Arcimoto Partners With GoCars For San Francisco Tours

The Guardian A cyclist’s guide to biking the city – a cartoon 

Electrek Brose unveils all new whisper-quiet electric bicycle drive and battery system

Spin Help us make parking for people, not cars

BBC Electric cars ‘will not solve transport problem,’ report warns

Rewire Will ‘Mobility Justice’ Break Down Barriers to Safe Transportation?

Lime Lime Launches E-Scooters In Oslo And Helsinki As Nordic Cities Pass 1,000,000 Rides

CBC Women cycle less than men — why?

Washington Post The death of the sidewalk

CBS News Electric scooters are igniting new laws, liability concerns and even “scooter rage”


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