Micromobility Roundup February 4

Micromobility Roundup February 4


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Sweet wheels: New entrant into the scooter sharing market, Wheels sports an innovative form factor with a seat, swappable batteries and a modular design, looking to significantly improve unit economics.

E-bikes get an A-list cast: The ease, freedom, and fun of e-bikes has reached Hollywood, with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, William Shatner, Miley Cyrus, and Leonardo DiCaprio getting in on the action!

Self-riding scooters? Looking to optimize scooter and bike utilization, Uber explores autonomous micro-mobility.

Elementary, my dear cycler: Londoners see how cycling proves key to smart growth by boosting local economic activity, reducing congestion, enhancing air quality, and reversing the inactivity crisis.

Saddles in the Wild West of micro-mobility: Oxnard, CA-based Ojo Electric OjO to launch scooter sharing service in Austin, Texas, with innovative scooters sporting a seat, larger tires, and a zipper ride.

Electric motorcycles revving up: First, Harley Davidson announces LiveWire. Then, Ducati reveals plans for electric two-wheelers. Finally, Zero teases a “first of its kind” new model.



Have A Go is the micromobility editor for CoMotion, a weekly roundup of all things mobility.
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