Micromobility Roundup December 11

Micromobility Roundup December 11


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Micromobility’s gender gap: Concerns over safety as well as comfort due to the lack of adequate micromobility infrastructure continues to be leading cause of a huge gender gap for cycling and scooter use alike, according to a new study.

Euro trip: Ford’s e-scooter unit Spin begins hiring in preparation for a major push into Europe, as Shanghai-based Doinnext aims for the European full-sized scooter market with hopes of standing out of the crowd with their stylish mopeds.

Nimble delivery: In an effort to combat gridlock, New York City launches a six-month pilot to encourage package delivery companies like UPS, DHL, and Amazon to use cargo bikes, allowing the 100 vehicles access to free commercial loading spaces.

Bulgaria… e-bike powerhouse: As sales of e-bikes grow rapidly in Europe, production in Bulgaria more than doubled last year and doubled again in just the first half of 2019, as two new manufacturing facilities joined four existing plants. Who knew?

Take a SEAT, por favor: Spanish automaker SEAT hopes diversity of form factors, as well as partnerships with manufacturers and distributors including parent VW Group, will help position it for shifting mobility needs.

Perspective shift: As scooter promises begin panning out such as helping transit’s first/last mile problem, getting people out of cars, and encouraging those who wouldn’t otherwise bike get onto two wheels, this civil engineer and bike purist warms to idea of incorporate scooter into cities.



CNBC Scooter start-up Lime expects to be profitable — excluding some costs — as soon as 2020

Forbes Norway Has The Safest Roads, Again

Electrive Emmy to double electric scooter fleet in Berlin

The Brussels Times Villo! deploys 1,800 electric sharing bicycles in Brussels Region

Wall Street Journal New York Scooter Legislation Stalls With Cuomo

The Scotsman Electric bikes being hired twice as much as standard bikes at month-old Glasgow rental scheme

Intelligent Transport Helbiz rolls out e-bike fleet in Rome

Emerging Europe Estonian start-up offers solution to smart scooter pavement chaos

Skip Announcing Tip-Over Detection

Tier Mobility The Game-Changing Leap Towards Sustainable Micro-Mobility


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