Micromobility Roundup December 17

Micromobility Roundup December 17


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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“Bicycles could save the world:” Bicycle mayors have spread to 91 cities worldwide, bringing much needed focus and leadership to this powerful yet underinvested mobility mode which not only provides personal transport, but boosts health, decreases pollution, creates independent kids, and strengthens social connections.

Scooter synergy: Real estate developers and scooter providers see a budding new business model in providing tenants a fun, easy, and inexpensive mode of mobility—while simultaneously growing a micromobility customer base and potentially helping reduce large and expensive car parking.

Sweet and sour: Scooter provider Lime talks positive earnings by 2020 on CNBC, yet calls new tariffs a significant business threat and requests an exemption from the US government.

Singapore spinning: As Singapore sees a new crop of domestic providers stepping in to fill the cycling vacuum after a rocky peak and decline of shared bikes, local scooter startup Neuron Mobility raises a $18.5 million Series A to expand internationally.

Breaking barriers: Consumer Reports discovers the enormous potential for e-bikes to break barriers of distance, fitness, difficulty, sweat, and hills, even at low price points.

Safer scooting: LA-based micromobility provider Wheels is adding helmets to its seated e-scooters. Squeamish about sharing a helmet with strangers? Good news – the adjustable “smart” helmet even has a disposable, biodegradable headliner.

Impossible to catch: Unicorn, an e-scooter startup, shuts down before delivering a single scooter. After spending all of its funding on Facebook & Google ads, it received only 350 orders. Even worse: it can’t even afford to issue refunds for the $699 device.

Promises promises: After assurances to San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and Scoot employees alike, Scoot’s new parent company Bird begins to lay off some employees.



Gothamist Why Are E-Bikes Legal For Amazon, But Not Immigrant Delivery Cyclists?

Electrek Kumpan buys giant wheeled electric scooter company after big investment deal

Seattle Times Half of Seattle bike-share rental bikes were inoperable in late-summer maintenance slump, city audit says

Joyride Meet Joyride’s newest scooter hardware partner, Superpedestrian

The Irish Times US electronic scooter operator to pilot Irish GPS technology

Daily News Citi Bike strips down hundreds of dangerous e-bikes, sends them to Chicago

Channel News Asia E-scooter users will have to pass theory test, be at least 16 years old to ride on cycling paths


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