Micromobility Roundup January 22

Micromobility Roundup January 22


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Disruption hype seems to hold: City of Portland figures show that in just a few months, 34% of users and 48% of visitors skipped the car over scooters with 6% of riders even getting rid of their cars.

First Birds, now storks? Scooters beginning to solve the 1st/last mile of package delivery, as UPS sees foldable scooters boosting deliveries in congested neighborhoods.

Valuation temperment: As Bird and Lime raise large new rounds, their valuations remain steady.

ZipScoot: In light of rapid micromobility adoption, ZipCar founder Robin Chase spearheads a new organization to help cities navigate disruption they haven’t felt “in 100 years” and to promote “more sustainable and people oriented urban transportation.”

Emancipation proclamation: Liberating humanity from the pollution, traffic, costs, girth, stresses, and energy insecurity of cars while still giving us the freedom of movement, the humble bicycle remains a liberating mobility technology for urban dwellers.

Winter cycling “extreme”? Dubbing winter cycling “extreme” not only disregards reality in cities worldwide and ignores many other outdoor winter activities like skiing or school recess, it can be downright normal infrastructure permitting.

Micromobility to the AV rescue: As autonomous car technologies experience road bumps, can micromobility deliver on new-mobility promises?

Winter v scooter: Even as winter adds additional challenges, scooters’ usefulness proves indispensable.

Bikeshare woes: Mired by cheap hardware, millions of discounted or free rides, overly aggressive expansion, car-only streets, and parking clutter, Chinese bike share operators struggle or shudder.

Scoot strong: Segway-Ninebot finally announces a more durable scooter to help operators reduce scooter churn and boost unit economics.

3rd time’s the charm for Airbnb of micromobility? With new features bringing it closer to the ease of dockless bike sharing, personal bike rental company Splinlister re-relaunches.

If Steve Jobs designed mobility infrastructure: How did Copenhagen created a city with 5 times more bikes than cars? By focusing on great user experience for cycling (video).

Built to cycle: The forgotten history of how the most basic urban mobility infrastructure, paved roads, were actually created for the bicycle.



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