Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 1

Micromobility Revolution Roundup October 1


Top Stories

The anti-SUV: Tiny, low speed electric cars are big business in China. No driver’s license required, starting at just $1k

Do as I do, not as I say: Aiming to avoid enormous parking spaces and traffic, BMW is now offering ebikes to its employees (German language)

Scooter craze, Y2K edition: The amazing Swiss origin story of the sleek, foldable kick scooter that became wildly popular in the 2000s

The kids are alright: If minors can legally drive and work, they should be able to legally scoot

Scooter ‘Scourge’? Why cities need to rethink their scooter allergies and remember the purposes of public streets

Micro-Podcast: New micromobility podcast hits episodes #5

Also In The News

Streetsblog Kochs Want to Kill Light Rail in Phoenix

ArchDaily The Netherlands Unveils the World’s First Recycled Plastic Bike Lane

Remix The scooter data opportunity: Cities can shape their future if they act now

Slate Uber Is Declaring War on… Cars

Venture Beat Uber launches Jump electric bike charging stations as part of sustainable mobility push

TechCrunch Bird Hits 10 million Rides

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