Micromobility Roundup December 25

Micromobility Roundup December 25


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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2018 Year of The Scooter: Love them or hate them, you knew they were coming…the year-end scooter retrospectives! CityLab, Vox, Forbes, The Verge, The Atlantic

Boring Is Completely Upside-Down: To solve urban mobility do the complete opposite of what Elon Musk proposes – Part 1

Make infrastructure sexy again: LA CoMotion panelist Rudy Salo connects the dots between mobility and our attitudes towards paying for great infrastructure.

Not burning carbon, but cash: Major Chinese bike sharing company Ofo considers declaring bankruptcy in the midst of a cash crunch after overly aggressive expansion.

Cambrian explosion of micromobility: We may be in a golden era of micromobility innovation with incredibly diverse and unique vehicles being developed.

Leapfrogging and chord cutting micromobility: Just as developing nations skipped straight to cellphones rather than building costly copper wire infrastructure, so too can they leapfrog expensive car-based infrastructure with electric micromobility as can developed countries cut the expensive bundled chord.

Electric skateboard scooter? Boosted raises $60 million to develop suspiciously scooter sounding “light vehicle.”

Hardware is king: With unit economics proving key competition and long-term viability, Skip unveils scooters with cameras and locks.

Yet another reason to take up biking: new study by the University of Leeds finds cyclists are less exposed to air pollution than bikers.

One stop shop: The biggest players looking to become one-stop urban mobility providers with Lyft adding public transit and micromobility and Google adding Lime bikes and scooter integration on their platforms.

An unorthodox approach to scooter pilots: Allow unlimited scale to achieve safety, and require accessibility, reliability, affordability, and community acceptance from operators.

And the award goes to… Inc. awards Company of the Year to micromobility provider Bird, potentially the fastest growing company of all time.

Bike sharing ain’t easy: Chinese dockless bike-sharing Mobike will be selling its European division for $100 million as it deals with operational issues.

Recalibrating scooter valuations: Scooter leaders Bird and Lime moderate valuations as they face challenges such as growing competition and vandalism.

Slow is the new fast: As climate looms increasing the need for mobility diversification increases, slow lanes can help accelerate micromobility adoption and increase urban safety.

A breath of fresh air: With the immense growth of bike sharing, Chinese cities have begun seeing decreases in automobile use, urban pollution, and congestion.



Have A Go is the micromobility editor for CoMotion, a weekly roundup of all things mobility.
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