What Would Ferdinand Porsche Build Today? Our Fascinating Interview With Organic Transit Founder/CEO Rob Cotter

What Would Ferdinand Porsche Build Today? Our Fascinating Interview With Organic Transit Founder/CEO Rob Cotter


Rob Cotter’s TED Talk was one of the primary inspirations for the founding of Have A Go.

Yet even still, it took this in-dept interview for us to realize that Rob Cotter isn’t just the inventor of a really cool solar powered electric bicycle/car hybrid and founder/CEO of a company built from the ground up, Organic Transit – https://organictransit.com

Somewhere between his story about confounding the original founders of Tesla, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, pointing out that the whole of the ELF weighs about 1/10th of a normal EV battery pack, to his thoughts about what Ferdinand Porsche, founder of Volkswagen, would have built if he were designing a Beetle for the 21st century, we realized that Rob is a visionary of the greatest caliber.

Rob has the rare combination of deeply original foresight, a trove of domain expertise, and incredible mastery of execution that, without exaggeration, puts him on par with world’s greatest entrepreneurial minds of our day.

Employing purpose-driven design as methodically as Steve Jobs, actively rejecting the idea of wasteful planned obsolescence, calling the agile methodology “just logic,” Rob is a dynamic and creative thinker and doer as well as a great designer, founder, and engineer. He has an extraordinary breadth of experience in human mobility and has a grand, beautiful vision for transforming the world’s urban transportation with extremely green, sustainable, safe, fun, and innovative new vehicles, making him the kind of mind that we will need much more of in the coming decades if we are to overcome the many challenges that we face as a civilization.

Before the dockless electric scooters/bikes of Lime, Bird, Spin, etc, before Segway’s innovative self balancing vehicle, there was (and still is) Rob Cotter, building some of the most innovative and efficient machines known to man.

This was a truly fascinating conversation in which we could hardly keep up with Rob’s agile mind!

We talked about the history of human powered mobility, little electric vehicles, purpose-driven design, disruptive innovation, Tesla, the roots of electric vehicle and drone technology, the merger of mobility and communications technology, and on and on.


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