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Flipping The Script On The Clash Between Delivery Trucks And Bikes

New York City is launching a six-month pilot to encourage the use of e-cargo bikes by package delivery companies like UPS, DHL, and Amazon, allowing 100 vehicles access to free commercial loading spaces.

This is a big deal since e-cargo bikes have been in use in Europe for a while now, but not so much in the US.

Their benefits are several-fold:

Why We Need to Dream Bigger Than Bike Lanes

There’s a quote that’s stuck with me for some time from Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom: “You know why people don’t like liberals? Because they lose. If liberals are so f***ing smart, how come they lose so goddamn always?”

American urbanists and bike advocates are smart, or at least well informed. We know how important cycling is. We are educated about cycling cities in other parts of the world and how they are so much better for health, well-being, economics, traffic, pollution, climate, equity, personal freedom, and on and on.

7 Books Any Urbanist Would Love

There are lots of great urbanist reading lists out there.

But if you’re looking for something a little outside the usual urbanist wheelhouse, you might enjoy this diverse list!

While these selections aren’t strictly cannon, they share a perspective shifting quality about streets and our daily reality that we think you or someone you love who lives in and/or interested in cities will greatly enjoy.

An EV That (Almost) Fits In Your Pocket

There’s a lot of hype over electric cars these days. But electric cars are still cars. They still take up the same amount of space, they’re still expensive, they still take a lot of energy to run, they’re still deadly, and they still cause enormous traffic and waste countless human hours.

Before dockless scooters were a thing, before micromobility was even a word, Sanjay Dastoor pulled out primary components of an electric vehicle from his pocket, Steve Jobs style…

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