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What’s Better Than A Shareable Pogo Stick?

The latest thing in urban mobility, a pogo stick??

With the dockless scooters now seemingly everywhere, Cangaroo popped out of nowhere claiming to be the next hottest thing in dockless sharable mobility. The concept was launched in collaboration a Swedish ad agency The Odd Company known for wacky marketing stunts. So the world still doesn’t know if this is for real.

But the idea of a sharable mobility stick might not be so crazy…if you put a wheel on it!

A Mind-Blowing Wheelchair Upgrade & The Emotional Surprise

Electric micromobility options are extremely fun, super efficient, incredibly sustainable, and very affordable.

But they can also be incredibly accessible. Traditional wheelchairs and car-only street design can be severely limiting for urban mobility and constraining independence for many.

This amazing video shows the incredible beauty of human resourcefulness, generosity, ingenuity, and empathy-driven design.

The Swiss Army Knife of Cargo E-Bikes: Compact, Modular, Amazing

We love this! It’s an insanely customizable, compact electric cargo bike from Blix.

The Packa is on IndieGoGo and has 16 days to go but it has already reached 356% of its original $50,000 goal!!

Leave that giant gas (or electricity) guzzling hulk of metal, your car, at home, and still be able to carry everything you need on just two wheels…including two kids! This is thanks to the Packa’s unique multi-modular racking system.

A Segway You Can Fold and Carry??

UrmO is like a Segway (or hoverboard) that folds in one fluid motion as you pick it up and is light enough to simply carry around! This portable electric ride seems to be a truly unique, fun, and innovative solution to ther nagging first/last mile problem.

“Electric self-balancing scooter with a patent-pending folding mechanism for your last mile. Created by ex-Tesla and ex-BMW engineers.”

We Try Out A Scoot Scooter

We review a Scoot scooter in San Francisco!

This new model has airless tires that aren’t solid rubber, but have notches in them to provide additional ride comfort over solid rubber airless tires, without the pitfalls of air tires (constant need for air pumping and/or punctures).

They also have locks, making them semi-dockless. Great for fleet management (helps against vandalism) and great for users, allowing the flexibility of dockless while removing dock anxiety.

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