Micromobility Roundup July 1

Micromobility Roundup July 1


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Big mobility data: 15 cities along with founding members Bird and Spin announce formation of Open Mobility Foundation, a non-profit that will take on the Mobility Data Specification developed by LA’s Department of Transportation, to help cities collect, maintain, and standardize data about share vehicles from scooters to cars.

Mo’ money: Hellobike may receive “hundreds of millions” of dollars in fresh capital as Alibaba Group confirms it has been exploring a new round of funding into the Shanghai-based bike sharing company.

Legislation limitation: Casual users, click thru-contracts, and common sense sidewalk riding are some of the many reasons why city attempts at legislating their way out of scooter problems simply do not work.

Latin Lime: Lime begins significant summer expansions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, as well as over a dozen other Latin American markets.

Go, Oregon! After Delaware, Arkansas, and the eponymous state of Idaho, Oregon legislature passes the “Idaho stop”, which lets cyclists treat stop signs and red traffic lights as “yield” signs. Yes, we really like — only 46 states still to pass.

Bike Lane 2.0: As micromobility adoption and evolution continues to accelerate, streets are ready for upgrading seemingly niche, modest bike lanes to Protected Mobility Lanes – critical infrastructure for all those “not walking and not driving.”



US News E-Bikes Encounter Rocky Road to Approval Despite Popularity

Curbed Sick of traffic? Get cities to invest in bikes and mass transit, says report

The Guardian A cyclist’s guide to biking the city – a cartoon 

Armenian Weekly
Bike-sharing Startups Race to Provide Commuting Alternatives in Yerevan

DCist Capital Bikeshare Rentals Can Now Be Made Through The Lyft App


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