Micromobility Roundup August 19

Micromobility Roundup August 19


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Biking cities don’t just happen: Groningen has boosted their number of two wheel trips to 61% and achieved “the cleanest air of any big Dutch city,” but it wasn’t always a cycling city. How this Dutch city transitioned and what other cities can learn.

Juicy numbers: Months after raising a whopping $300M, Lime is said to be looking to raise another huge round, as much as $500M with potential investment from Japanese SoftBank.

Beefy blue wheels: Skip introduces their longer range, sharing-grade scooter and leads the industry with battery swapping to help reduce its fleet maintenance costs and carbon footprint.

Parisian breakup: As Paris is set to ban all but three providers, scooter sharing companies vie to position themselves as the chosen ones instead of objecting to the extreme mobility double-standards.

On a roll! While the world might see Copenhagen as a biking haven, the city shows us that there’s always of room for improvement, almost doubling ridership in the last 7 years with the help of terrific infrastructure including 17 new bike bridges, e-bikes, e-scooters, and civic climate awareness.

Micromobility graduation: Looking to move past its limited sandbox license, Moovel applies for a full license to expand its fleet of 1000 bikes in Singapore.

A whole new street: Making it a finalist for the NewCities Wellbeing City Award, Bogota’s Ciclovía shows what is possible with 120km of major streets going car-free every week creating safe, bikeable, healthy, pollution free environment for all its citizens.



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