Micromobility Roundup August 12

Micromobility Roundup August 12


Welcome to our Micromobility Roundup where we curate the latest news and developments in micromobility!

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Terrible scooter science: How a simplistic life cycle analysis completely misrepresented the profoundly beneficial effects of scooters on carbon emissions and caused a media flurry of bad science.

Glimmers of a post car Europe: Car stricken Antwerp now an example of Europe’s shift to two wheels via a serious bike network, increased walkability, improved public squares, more auto restrictions, and shared electric scooters.

Bike-Sharing = Transit: Three lawmakers introduce bipartisan Bikeshare Transit Act of 2019 to the US Congress to allow bike-sharing schemes to be eligible for federal transit and clean air funds. This would be a crucial recognition of bikes as key transportation infrastructure.

Coopenhagen out-biking itself: Even Coopenhagen shows that there’s room for more cycling as it achieves a new high of 62% of residents riding to school and work, almost doubling ridership from 2012.

Induced cycling demand: A new study conducted in seven European cities found that e-bikes lead to similar levels of physical activity as traditional bikes by enabling and resulting in longer trips. They also decrease car use!

Pedal to the metal: Two Indian moped sharing companies Bounce and Vogo boast terrific growth numbers surpassing a combined 100,000 trips a day and reaching a total of 5 million rides.

Scooter savior: With their tiny footprints and minuscule energy requirements, scooters solve many more problems than they cause in an increasingly urbanizing and warming planet.

No divvying up? Uber files lawsuit against Chicago claiming Lyft’s new deal to operate the city’s Divvy bike share network “locks out” competitors.

Micromobility diversification: D.C. to begin a 4 month electric moped pilot while also keeping an eye on electric tricycles and e-cargo bikes to “to give residents and visitors as many options as possible” and enable faster, more efficient deliveries.

Cars + scooters? Audi unveils a new electric scooter/skateboard crossover that charges in an Audi trunk and allows for easier last-mile trips.

Scooter support at the push of a button: As Milwaukee’s mayor puts a pause on city’s scooter pilot and leaves users stranded, Lime adds an “Email Mayor Barrett” button to empower users to voice their support for scooters.

The safe, slow city movement aided by scooters: Micromobility could prove a valuable part of the slower city movement whose benefits range from decreased road deaths, decreased anxiety, and more livable cities.



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Technically DC DDOT is adding mopeds to DC’s dockless vehicle pilot

WISN Lime staffers patrol streets to keep electric scooters off sidewalks

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Santa Monica Daily Press Atlanta bans electric scooters at night, after deadly wrecks

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WTMJ Lime scooters to be joined by Bird, Spin

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