Micromobility Revolution Roundup September 24

Micromobility Revolution Roundup September 24


The Verge Year one scooter growth: Lime and Bird see user adoption a staggering 10x over early Lyft adoption

The Information After Fast Rollout, Scooters Hit Supply Bumps

Electrek Manufacturers gear up for 2nd gen scooters designed for fleet use. Inboard unveils the Glider with a more powerful motor, bigger tires, swappable battery, turn signals.

Curbed LA The last peace of the 1st/last mile dream? Lyft integrating scooters and public transit, starting in Santa Monica.

Financial Times Bird spreads its wings as escooter contest goes global

TechCrunch A micromobility sharing startup takes the fundraising crown for largest Series A to date in Latin America with $63M

CityLab Cycling Is Key to Safer, Healthier, More Vital Cities

Vox The electric scooter boom — and cities’ misguided attempts to squash it — explained

Slate Cities’ scooter freakout vindicates Uber’s early strategies

Motherboard Bicycle Ambulances Helped Cut the Malaria Death Rate in Zambia by 96 Percent

Washington Post In a case of what’s old is new again, a hilarious micromobility quiz comparing 19th and 21st century complaints about new two-wheelers: Scooter or velocipede complaint?


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