LA CoMotion: The Magic Of Thinking Outside The Car

LA CoMotion: The Magic Of Thinking Outside The Car


Something magical happened on a street in Los Angeles, and no, it wasn’t on Diagon Ally at Universal Studios! While Angelinos were going about their stressful, noisy, car-centric life, one street was showcasing the magic of thinking outside the automobile.

While there was no secret wand flick required to get through to this street, the magic laid in the absence of large, heavy, inefficient legacy vehicles: cars! And though enchanted broomsticks weren’t being used, people were zipping around on one, two, or three wheels smiling and waving without a care in the world!

The first ever LACoMotion brought together innovative global leaders in urban mobility, manufacturers of electric wheels, urban planners, and city officials from all around the world. It was four days of talks, panel discussions, and workshops all centered around the future of mobility. Over the weekend, the public was invited to a car-free street to test ride various future mobility options such as electric scooters, electric bikes, motorcycle-car hybrids, and even a one wheeled electric unicycle. There were nothing but smiles going around as folks tried out a whole range of electric wheels. Below were the brands that showcased their amazing, enchanted wheels.

LACoMotion successfully showcased the magic of thinking outside the car and did so in Los Angeles, where car culture is seemingly impossible to overcome, yet where disruption in mobility is most desperately needed as the city faces gridlock, air pollution, noise pollution, car related deaths, etc.

The proof of success was in the pudding: after the frustration of trying to park their bulky cars in Downtown to get to the event, Angelinos seemed to momentarily break free of the powerful spell of the car and opened their eyes to new ways of getting around town on this otherwise nondescript little street.


A little glimpse: Electric wheel test track, Arts District Co-Op, and an electric wheel tutorial.

Slightly easier to get into than Diagon Alley!

Some awesome wheels by Scooterson posing for the camera.

Mayor Eric Garcetti on the LACoMotion stage talking about the history of LA and its rise on the world stage.

Arts District Co-Op gives you wings!

Aaall the way from Estonia, Stigo stretches its legs after a long plane ride.

Turns out, you can teach an old bike new tricks! Superpedestrian’s Copenhagan Wheel turns any ol’ bike into a zippy e-bike.

LACBC giving us a tour of Downtown on Metro Bikes, stopping by the brand new Metro Bike Hub at Union Station.

And our table where we demo-ed an electric unicycle and taught people how to ride one!

Like so 🙂

Best for last: @artsdistrictcooper showing off his electric wheel chops!

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