Micromobility Roundup July 22

Chinese electrification: In China’s enormous market where micromobility generates hundreds of millions of rides per day, Hellobike begins electrification push of it’s sharing bicycles.

On the map: Google Maps partners with Ito World to bring bike sharing information to its app in 24 major cities showing station locations and bike availabilities, as it does for public transportation information.

Micromobility Roundup July 15

Last mile goods: Further boosting the value of bike/micromobility lanes, Refraction A.I. reveals an autonomous deliver vehicle capable of utilizing bike lanes and overcoming winter conditions.

Unit economics drama: As The Information claims Bird seeking additional funding due to absent unit economics, Bird founder Travis VanderZaden and board member David Sachs fire back with positive unit economics thanks to robust new Bird One model and strong revenue growth numbers.

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