Micromobility Roundup January 28

City of Bikes: With virtually no biking culture only a few years ago, Paris is now seeing staggering bike adoption, creating a blueprint for other cities. The rapidly growing infrastructure, primarily a large network of protected bike lanes, was enabled thanks to bold leadership from Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

The saga continues: With a history of global press coverage and no shortage of customers, the maker of the ultra-efficient solar electric ELF, Organic Transit looks for buyers to continue their mission of convenient and sustainable personal mobility.

The Superhero of Cities

What can reduce air pollution, noise pollution, increase public spaces, increase local business and economic vibrancy, and make a city more social and pleasant?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Superblock?

It’s not quite clear what led him to visit a juvenile prison and to come up with a seemingly crazy idea of taking convicted criminals out of prison and on long trail rides.

How a simplistic life cycle analysis completely misrepresented scooter emissions and caused a media flurry of bad science

Are scooters green? Are their carbon emission claims valid?

A new paper by researchers at North Carolina State University was just published that aimed to answer this question.

The result was a flurry of (and clickbait-y) media articles proclaiming scooters to be not much better than automobiles in terms of carbon emissions.

Yet the actual findings of the study were much more modest than the grandiose claims made both by the study’s author’s and repeated by media outlets without much critical analysis.

A Mind-Blowing Wheelchair Upgrade & The Emotional Surprise

Electric micromobility options are extremely fun, super efficient, incredibly sustainable, and very affordable.

But they can also be incredibly accessible. Traditional wheelchairs and car-only street design can be severely limiting for urban mobility and constraining independence for many.

This amazing video shows the incredible beauty of human resourcefulness, generosity, ingenuity, and empathy-driven design.

How the Bird Cruiser might spark a thriving, car-killing industry

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but Bird made its debut only a year ago on the streets of Santa Monica.

By the summer of 2018 scooters were already the year’s, if not the decade’s, biggest blockbuster. Scooter adoption levels rivaled potentially any other technology in human history and resulting in much analysis in the disruptive potential of these vehicles.

But Bird didn’t manage this alone. Disruption usually doesn’t just happened by just one company.

The World’s First Micromobility Conference: You Had To Be There

Conferences and industry events. All too often, they are forums where industry actors can perform on stage for clever sound bites and self-congratulation. All fluff, no substance.

Maybe because the industry is young and the participants are naive enough to be speaking their minds, maybe it was because the organizers’ focus was education instead of mere indulgence, the first ever Micromobility Conference was a significant cut above the rest.

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