Unrecognizable LA

Unrecognizable LA

Los Angeles, where the car is king, was different Sunday, October 8th. Instead of loud, dangerous, hulking cars dominating its streets, there were instead people. From Echo Park to Chinatown, to Downtown, the roads were closed to the automobile in one of the city’s most awesome events, CicLAvia, and people from all walks of life were out on the streets laughing, eating, dancing, chatting, bumping into friends, and having a blast.

In the very same space normally reserved for road rage, accidents, pollution, noise, stress, traffic tickets, there was instead the sounds of kids, horns, music, and laughter on foot and on bikes, skateboards, roller blades, and all sorts of zany custom in-between hybrids.

It was an unrecognizable Los Angeles, in the best way possible.

If recent developments like CycLAvia, Metro bike sharing, and the dozens of new local bike/skateboard/scooter manufacturers are any indication, LA’s future seems to be less Blade Runner and more Her.

A place for people, not machines:

Yes, that was Los Angeles. Truly unbelievable, barely recognizable.

Looking forward to more carless days.

Thanks CicLAvia 🙂

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